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After a decade of growth, world has just witnessed two consecutive Years of decline in per capita income. During adverse times it is essential for an organization to revamp its strategic planning process. In challenging times, it is inevitable that an organization focuses on measurements in all areas being dealt. What cannot be measured cannot be managed. The longevity & sustainability of an organization is predicated on its ability to weather such difficulties. In conditions of slowdown, it becomes all the more important to delight clients through on time deliveries and exceeding their expectations. Through long term strategic planning, through increased focus on speed and efficiency, by increasing customer expectations, by increasing Poductivity, by focusing on measurements, an organization can stimulate growth in times of adversity. Tough times are necessary for building the character of an organization indeed!
Wireless is clearly emerging as preferred platform for providing Telecommunications in India. This is predominantly because of the geographical reach and ease of deployment that wireless offers- freedom to communicate, anytime, anywhere. We have aggressive plans in wireless infrastructure, introducing new and innovative products so as to address the communication needs of enterprises, police, and defense and hospitality segments, amongst others. Chauhan Enterprises also launch cost effective, "last mile" high-speed data/ Internet access for residential and business customers in the country. At Chauhan Enterprises, We believe in Quality and total customer satisfaction and rest follows automatically. Indian wireless market has acquired a critical mass. It has reached an inflection point from where we see tremendous rapid growth.
An organization has to respond quickly to the challenges of a dynamic market situation where products, customer attitudes and the market environment are constantly changing. Marketing, the key to business growth & survival, depends largely upon the synthesis of a wide range of inter-related factors including product knowledge, Confidence, enthusiasm & a sound understanding of human relations. Today we along with our channel partners operate with trust and loyalty that is unmatched in the industry and certainly a cause for envy in the network of competitors. It is a strong sales force with creative ideas to conquer the competition.

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